the role of amblyomma variegatum in the transmission of heartwater with special reference to guadeloupe.heartwater has been diagnosed in guadeloupe, marie-galante, and antigua; it induces important losses among goats and european or cross-bred cattle when local zebu creole are highly resistant to infection. amblyomma variegatum is the vector of the disease in the caribbean. the tick strain of martinique, occurring in that island that has apparently been disease-free since 1948, has not lost its ability to experimentally transmit the disease. in guadeloupe 97% of nymphs and nearly 100% of adults fe ...19921626882
serological survey of leptospirosis in livestock animals in the lesser antilles.a serological survey was performed of 1788 cattle, goats and sheep on 13 islands in the lesser antilles. sera were tested by microscopic agglutination (mat) using a panel of 22 live antigens. evidence of past exposure, at a titer of > or = 100, was found in 101 animals (5.6%). antibodies were more common in cattle and goats (7.2% in each) than in sheep (1.7%). seroprevalence was highest in cattle in martinique (20%) and in goats in st. vincent (23%). the predominant serogroups were sejroe (large ...19968784518
goat farming systems in martinique: management and breeding be successful, initiatives to improve farmer's goat production should directly address the needs and objectives of the keepers while promoting rational use of local genetic resources. a survey was carried out to implement a genetic policy governing meat goat farming in martinique (11,400 heads and 33,400 ha arable land). the questionnaire comprised a total of 27 items with 306 modalities, and included questions on farm structure, crop and animal productions, management of feeding, reproductio ...200918815894
tropical bont tick eradication campaign in the french antilles. current status.the amblyomma variegatum eradication campaign was officially started in april 1994 in martinique and in guadeloupe, including its dependencies of marie galante, desirade and st martin. a budget of $10.5 and $5.9 million for guadeloupe and martinique, respectively, was initially (1991) calculated and considered necessary to achieve the program. however, eec, the most important donor, estimated that 75% only of this proposal was acceptable, on which it agrees to support a maximum of 50%. the balan ...19968784487
epidemiological studies on dermatophilosis in the caribbean.dermatophilosis is one of the most important diseases of domestic ruminants in the caribbean islands where the clinical disease has been shown to be associated with the presence of the tick amblyomma variegatum. seroepidemiological studies were conducted to clarify the epidemiology of the disease in the region with a particular attention paid to the role of a. variegatum. a bank of 1300 cattle sera from the lesser antilles was screened by elisa for the presence of antibodies to dermatophilus con ...19938161379
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