distribution, hosts, 16s rdna sequences and phylogenetic position of the neotropical tick amblyomma parvum (acari: ixodidae).the hosts, distribution, intraspecific genetic variation and phylogenetic position of amblyomma parvum (acari: ixodidae) have recently been re-assessed. data on this tick's hosts and distribution were obtained not only from existing literature but also from unpublished records. sequences of the ticks' mitochondrial 16s ribosomal dna (rdna) were used to evaluate genetic variation among specimens of a. parvum from different localities in argentina and brazil, and to explore the phylogenetic relati ...200818577332
triclabendazole resistance involving fasciola hepatica in sheep and goats during an outbreak in almirante tamandare, paraná, brazil.fasciolosis is a disease of extreme importance, occurring throughout brazil, with great economic losses to the animal industry. this study aims to determine the effectiveness of treatment against fasciola hepatica on a sheep and goat farm during an outbreak of fasciolosis, in which a high proportion of deaths occurred. the farm harbored 33 sheep and 60 goats of mixed breeds with varying weights and ages. parasite control was based on suppressive, monthly treatments with moxidectin. over the cour ...200820059835
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