[feeding patterns of triatoma pseudomaculata in the state of ceara, brazil].t. pseudomaculata, a peridomicilar species, has low rates of t. cruzi infection. the occurrence of this triatomine in the domicile and its feeding patterns was investigated to identify potential t. cruzi reservoirs.200515654457
coagulase gene polymorphism of staphylococcus aureus isolated from goat mastitis in brazilian dairy investigate the coagulase gene polymorphism of staphylococcus aureus isolated from mastitic goat's milk.200616411916
environmental sources of cryptosporidium in an urban slum in northeastern brazil.cryptosporidium is an important cause of diarrheal disease in children worldwide. to elucidate the environmental sources of this parasite, we selected an urban slum in fortaleza, brazil, a community with a known high incidence of cryptosporidiosis, and examined both stool smears from household animals (n = 127) and filtrates from local water sources (n = 18) for cryptosporidium oocysts. because previous work in this community has demonstrated the seasonal nature of human infection with cryptospo ...19938357090
the voluntary forage intake and nutrition of goats and sheep in the semi-arid tropics of northeastern brazil.the nutritive value of diets selected by free-ranging goats and sheep, and estimates of forage intake, were obtained during the wet (january to may, 1982) and the dry season (june to december, 1981) in the brazilian state of ceara. esophageally fistulated animals were used to collect dietary samples for nutritive evaluation. organic matter intake (omi) was estimated by total fecal collections. goats selected diets higher in crude protein (cp) than did sheep (16.3 and 15.5%, respectively; p = .03 ...19863021703
aspects of peridomiciliary ecotopes in rural areas of northeastern brazil associated to triatomine (hemiptera, reduviidae) infestation, vectors of chagas disease.artificial ecotopes of 121 peridomiciliary environments in four rural localities in the state of ceará, brazil, were studied and the type of material of the ecotopes was identified as triatomine infestation. two thousand two hundred and four triatoma brasiliensis neiva, 340 triatoma pseudomaculata corrêa and espínola, 121 rhodnius nasutus stall, and 5 panstrongylus lutzi (neiva and pinto) were captured. out of the 323 ecotopes found (x = 2.0 +/- 1.8 per dwelling) - such as pigpens, henhouses, co ...200616830706
molecular and pedigree analysis applied to conservation of animal genetic resources: the case of brazilian somali hair sheep.the first registers of somali sheep in brazil are from the beginning of the 1900s. this breed, adapted to the dry climate and scarce food supply, is restricted in the northeast region of the country. molecular marker technologies, especially those based on genotyping microsatellite and mtdna loci, can be used in conjunction with breeding (pedigree analysis) and consequently the maintenance of genetic variation in herds. animals from the brazilian somali conservation nuclei from embrapa sheep and ...201121533896
Eimeria species in dairy goats in Brazil.The focus of this work is to determine the distribution and identify species of Eimeria parasites of dairy goats in the livestock of the National Goat and Sheep Research Center in Sobral, State of Ceará, Northeast Brazil. Results showed the presence of multiple species in 196 of 215 analyzed samples (91.2%). Fifty five out of these were from kids (28%) and 141 from adult goats (72%). Eight different Eimeria species were identified and their prevalence in the herd was: Eimeria alijevi Musaev, 197 ...201221852038
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