early detection of tick-borne encephalitis virus spatial distribution and activity in the province of trento, northern human cases of tick-borne encephalitis (tbe) have recently been recorded outside the recognised foci of this disease, i.e. in the province of trento in northern italy. in order to predict the highest risk areas for increased tbe virus activity, we have combined cross-sectional serological data, obtained from 459 domestic goats, with analysis of the autumnal cooling rate based on moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (modis) land surface temperature (lst) data. a significant relations ...200718686242
seroprevalence, clinical incidence, and molecular and epidemiological characterisation of small ruminant lentivirus in the indigenous passirian goat in northern italy.eight dairy flocks, comprising a total of 323 indigenous passirian goats from northern italy, were examined to determine the seroprevalence and clinical incidence of small ruminant lentivirus (srlv) infections and to identify the srlv subtypes. the seroprevalence was 81.5% (55-95%). the clinical incidence was 2.5% (0-8.3%) and was apparently low due to the practice of culling clinically affected animals. phylogenetic analysis of eight pcr fragments (one sample from each flock) revealed that all ...200818584116
overview of herd and caev status in dwarf goats in south tyrol, italy.the analysis of the electronic data processing proved that 323 dwarf goats older than 6 months from 165 farms were kept in 63 of the 116 communes of south tyrol. the number of dwarf goats maintained ranged from 1 to 19 animals, the average farm size revealed to be of 2 dwarf goats/farm. 47 animals were aged between 6 months and 1 year (ag1), 97 were between 1 - 2 years of age (ag2) and 179 were aged older than 2 years (ag3). the mean age amounted to 3.8 years, the age limit being 10 years. 235 a ...200717663213
antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in sheep and goats. alto adige-south tyrol, italy.a serologic survey for antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi was conducted on sheep and goat serum samples collected in alto adige-south tyrol, italy, in 1990. sera were tested by indirect immune fluorescence assay (iifa) and microbial adherence immobilization assay (maia). iifa and/or maia anti-b. burgdorferi antibodies were detected in 14.1% of the 269 sheep and 36.8% of the 133 goats examined. iifa and maia were both positive in 4 out of 38 positive sheep sera (10.5%) and 21 out of 49 positive g ...19968722314
prevalence of antibodies to leptospira serovars in sheep and goats in alto adige-south tyrol.serum samples from 313 sheep and 95 goats were collected during november 1993 in 26 localities in alto adige-south tyrol and tested by microscopic agglutination test for antibodies to 28 serovars of the genus leptospira. at the time of blood collection all the animals appeared healthy with no clinical sign suggestive of leptospirosis. the observed seroprevalence in sheep was 6.1%, whereas the seropositivity rate for goat serum samples was 2.1%. the highest serological prevalence in sheep was rec ...200010829576
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