outbreak of tuberculosis caused by mycobacterium bovis in golden guernsey goats in great outbreak of caprine tuberculosis caused by mycobacterium bovis was disclosed in june 2008, affecting goats of the golden guernsey breed kept on 10 separate smallholdings in south-west wales and the west of england. following the initial diagnosis at postmortem examination, 30 goats that reacted positively to the single intradermal comparative cervical tuberculin (sicct) test, together with five in-contact animals, were euthanased and subjected to postmortem examination and mycobacterial cultu ...200919767636
parturient paresis and hypocalcemia in ruminant livestock.parturient paresis (hypocalcemia) is most likely to affect dairy cattle around the time of parturition. it causes progressive neuromuscular dysfunction and flaccid paralysis. older dairy cows, cows with a history of parturient paresis during a previous lactation, high-producing cows, and cows from the jersey and guernsey breeds are at highest risk for developing parturient paresis. nonparturient hypocalcemia may also occur and is related to events other than parturition, such as severe stress, t ...19883264754
alkaline phosphatase activity and pyridoxal phosphate concentrations in the milk of various species.because pyridoxal phosphate does not normally cross membranes, it was intriguing that the concentration of pyridoxal phosphate is much higher in goat milk than in human milk. we also noted that, although the total vitamin b-6 concentration of bovine milk was similar to that of caprine milk, the bovine milk had lower pyridoxal phosphate. preliminary data from five alpine goats, five brown swiss cows, five holstein cows and three humans suggested that there was an inverse relationship between pyri ...19921453218
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