how themistocles zammit found malta fever (brucellosis) to be transmitted by the milk of goats. 200516199812
the saga of brucellosis: controversy over credit for linking malta fever with goats' milk. 19968813991
the 1975 foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in malta. iii. serological response of cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs to type o vaccine. 19816272927
brucellosis. 200516156056
brucellosis: a medical rarity that used to be common in canada. 19938477393
[historical brief on the fever of malta].malta fever (brucellosis) is an infectious disease of cattle (chiefly goats) which can infect man. although the disease is not limited to malta, occurring also in other mediterranean countries as well as in asia and america, it was originally described in 1863 in malta where the responsible bacteria (brucella melitensis) was discovered in 1887 by d. bruce. ten years later wright & smith (1897) showed that the agglutination test originally established for typhoidic patients could be used for the ...199611624839
the curious affair of the identity of fioravanti sammut (b. 1863) and temistocle zammit (d. 1935).dr zammit's experiments showed that brucellosis was transmitted by the milk of goats that did not show signs of infection or ill health. the british forces in malta banned the use of goats' milk and brucellosis was eliminated in those forces. this research was published in the proceedings of the royal society and earned him an honorary dlitt from oxford university and the kingsley medal of the liverpool school of tropical medicine. the king knighted him. he was the great maltese polymath but the ...201121810853
the structure of goat hemoglobins. v. a fourth beta chain variant (beta-d-malta; 69 asp is replaced by gly) with decreased oxygen affinity and occurring at a high frequency in malta.during a survey of hemoglobin types in goats in the republic of malta a variant (goat hb d-malta) was discovered which differs from normal goat hb a by the substitution of an aspartyl residue in position beta 69 (e13) by a glycyl residue. the gene frequency of the beta d allele was 0.255; 29 homozygous hb d goats were present among 327 animals sampled. homozygous hb d goats also produce hb c, whose beta chains are the product of a non-allelic beta c structural gene. goat hb d-malta has a distinc ...1979457423
the 1975 foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in malta. iv: analysis of the epidemic. 19817198924
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