dermatophytes isolated from domestic animals in barcelona, spain.this retrospective study deals with the main samples studied at the mycology diagnostic service of the faculty of veterinary science of barcelona: animals with suspected dermatophytosis. over a ten-year period from 1986 to 1995, 136 dermatophytes were identified from dog and cat cultures submitted for identification and from specimens submitted for mycological examination from a variety of other domestic animals. the most frequent dermatophytes isolated were microsporum canis (55.9%), trichophyt ...19979335154
seroprevalence of babesia ovis in spanish ibex (capra pyrenaica) in catalonia, northeastern spain.a serologic survey was carried out in order to detect antibodies against babesia ovis in a large population of spanish ibex (capra pyrenaica) from a hunting reserve in catalonia, northeastern spain. for this purpose, an indirect fluorescent antibody test (ifat) was developed using a b. ovis isolate of ovine origin as antigen. of the total 475 sera tested, 155 (32.6%) showed titres between 1:160 and 1:1280 and were considered positive. these results reveal that exposure of spanish ibex to b. ovis ...19989637213
seroprevalence of babesia ovis in goats in catalonia, spain. 19989839368
epidemiology of canine leishmaniosis in catalonia (spain) the example of the priorat epidemiological survey of canine leishmaniosis was conducted in the priorat, a rural region in the northeast of spain, for 10 years (1985-1994). seroprevalence throughout the region, determined by dot-elisa and ifi, was 10.2% (8-12%). forty percent of the dogs studied had a low level of anti-leishmania antibodies, whereas only 50% were seronegative. only one-third of the seropositive dogs had evident symptoms of the disease. annual incidence of the disease was 5.7% and the level of endemicity ...199910392965
[incidence, etiology and epidemiology of brucellosis in a rural area of the province of lleida].this a prospective study of the incidence, etiology and epidemiological profile of human brucellosis in the regions of pallars jussà y sobirà (lleida) for the 1995-1998 period.200010832390
culicoides midges in catalonia (spain), with special reference to likely bluetongue virus vectors.midges of the genus culicoides (diptera: ceratopogonidae) were trapped weekly from may 2001 through december 2002 on two farms in the province of barcelona (spain). dosrius farm was stocked with sheep and goats whereas bellaterra farm had only sheep. this trapping programme was carried out within the framework of an investigation into the occurrence/absence of possible vectors of bluetongue virus (btv) in mainland spain. a total of 30,079 culicoides specimens were collected from 165 light trap c ...200312941013
hematologic and biochemical values for spanish ibex (capra pyrenaica) captured via drive-net and box-trap.between october 2002 and september 2004, 70 free-ranging spanish ibex (capra pyrenaica) were captured in catalonia, northeastern spain, using two different physical methods, drive-net (n=26) and box-trap (n=44). blood samples were taken to determine 20 hematologic and 23 biochemical variables. values obtained fell within already published reference intervals, with the following exceptions: higher values for red blood cells (rbc), packed cell volume (pcv), white blood cells (wbc), eosinophil coun ...200818957652
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