anthelmintic resistance in nematode parasites from goats in a flock of cashmere goats sited in asturias (nw, spain) diminished efficacy was observed following treatment with netobimin and consequently a study to demonstrate the existence of anthelmintic resistance and the species of nematode involved was conducted. results from faecal egg count reduction tests before and after treatment with netobimin or ivermectin showed efficacies of 89.4 (81.8-94.8) and 99.7% (93.9-99.9%), respectively. teladorsagia circumcincta was found to be the dominant species ...19979477495
foot infections associated with arcanobacterium pyogenes in free-living fallow deer (dama dama).we describe foot infection associated with arcanobacterium pyogenes in three adult male free-living fallow deer (dama dama) from sueve regional hunting reserve (principality of asturias, spain). affected fallow deer were culled in november 1997 and 1998 during the hunting season. necropsy, radiography, and microbiologic analysis were carried out for each animal. unilateral swelling of one extremity at the coronary band was observed in all three cases. areas of bone loss, severe periosteal reacti ...200415465736
identification and characterization of a novel tick-borne flavivirus subtype in goats (capra hircus) in 2011, a neurological disease was reported in a herd of goats (capra hircus) in asturias, spain. initial sequencing identified the causative agent as louping ill virus (liv). subsequently, with the application of whole genome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis, empirical data demonstrates that the liv-like virus detected is significantly divergent from liv and spanish sheep encephalitis virus (ssev). this virus encoded an amino acid sequence motif at the site of a previously identified marke ...201525701823
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