the decline of a glossina morsitans submorsitans belt in the egbe area of the derived savanna zone, kwara state, the the early 1970s the egbe area of nigeria was known to be one of high trypanosomiasis risk, with four glossina species g. morsitans submorsitans newstead, g.longipalpis wiedemann, g.palpalis palpalis robineau-desvoidy and g.tachinoides westwood present. grazing by fulani pastoralists used to be short-term and only in the dry season. in recent years these pastoralists have grazed their cattle in the area throughout the year and this has prompted a reappraisal of the tsetse situation. tsetse ...19911768900
cutaneous myiasis due to tumbu-fly, cordylobia anthropophaga in ilorin, kwara state, nigeria.the occurrence and public health significance of cutaneous myiasis were investigated in ilorin, kwara state, nigeria between june and september, 1981. the findings indicated that human myiasis caused by the maggot of african tumbu-fly, cordylobia anthropophaga was relatively common and constituted potential public health problems in the affected parts of the state capital. the importance of animal myiasis due to larvae of sheep bot-fly, oesteris ovis and the cattle grubs, hypoderma bovis, was as ...19826131594
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