kikuyu poisoning in goats and sheep. 19902222368
cryptococcus neoformans infection in goats. 19902393374
poisoning of sheep and goats by tribulis terrestris (caltrop). 19873426473
an abbatoir survey of the prevalence of caseous lymphadenitis in feral goats in western australia. 19853834907
prevalence and distribution of caseous lymphadenitis in feral goats.a total of 2,920 feral goats from pastoral areas of western australia were examined and the prevalence of caseous lymphadenitis was estimated to be 7.8 +/- 0.9% in goats presented for slaughter. head, body and visceral lesions were present in 49.3%, 46.7% and 12.3% of affected goats, respectively. a comparison with previously reported data from sheep has been made and significant differences are discussed. lung lesions were relatively uncommon in goats, whereas the distribution of carcase lesion ...19863964142
pseudomonas pseudomallei isolates collected over 25 years from a non-tropical endemic focus show clonality on the basis of ribotyping.between 1966 and 1991, melioidosis, a disease caused by pseudomonas pseudomallei that is mostly confined to tropical regions, occurred in farm animals and a farmer in temperate south-west western australia. using an escherichia coli probe containing a ribosomal rna operon, p. pseudomallei dna from isolates from 8 animals, a soil sample and the human case showed an identical ribotype on southern blotting. the ribotype was different from the 3 commonest ribotypes seen in tropical australia. this m ...19947523158
genetic characterization of isolates of giardia duodenalis by enzyme electrophoresis: implications for reproductive biology, population structure, taxonomy, and epidemiology.the nature and extent of genetic variation in giardia was used to infer its mode of reproduction, population structure, taxonomy, and zoonotic potential. ninety-seven isolates of giardia duodenalis, from a defined area in western australia and throughout australia and overseas, were obtained from humans, cats, cattle, sheep, dogs, goat, beaver, and rats. enzyme electrophoresis revealed extensive genetic variation with 47 different zymodemes. the widespread occurrence of certain zymodemes and the ...19957776122
mycobacterium bovis infection in a goat. 19938368969
continued freedom from bluetongue virus infection in cattle and sheep in western australia south of latitude 26 degrees s. 19968937679
differentiation of australian isolates of mycobacterium paratuberculosis using pulsed-field gel examine strain variation amongst australian isolates of mycobacterium paratuberculosis.19979469224
evidence for freedom from johne's disease in cattle and goats in western australia. 19989791716
animal melioidosis in australia.melioidosis was first diagnosed in australia in sheep in 1949. while it has been considered endemic in tropical australia, there have been animal outbreaks in southwest western australia and southern queensland. infection occurs in many species, with both latency and a wide range of clinical manifestations. some species may develop melioidosis only if immunocompromised. sheep and goats are particularly susceptible, resulting in the requirement for pasteurisation of tropical commercial goat's mil ...200010674644
specificity of absorbed elisa and agar gel immuno-diffusion tests for paratuberculosis in goats with observations about use of these tests in infected determine the specificity of serological tests that are currently used in veterinary diagnostic laboratories in australia for detection of mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis infection in goats.200315084016
preliminary report on the northern australian melioidosis environmental surveillance environmental surveillance programme was developed to determine whether water supplies could be a source of burkholderia pseudomallei as noted during previous melioidosis outbreak investigations. water supplies to communities in the three northern australian jurisdictions (western australia, northern territory and queensland) were sampled periodically during 2001 and 2002. water and soil samples were collected from communities known to have had recent culture-positive melioidosis cases and ne ...200415473143
genetic and epidemiological characterization of stretch lagoon orbivirus, a novel orbivirus isolated from culex and aedes mosquitoes in northern australia.stretch lagoon orbivirus (slov) was isolated in 2002 from pooled culex annulirostris mosquitoes collected at stretch lagoon, near the wolfe creek national park in the kimberley region of western australia. conventional serological tests were unable to identify the isolate, and electron microscopy indicated a virus of the genus orbivirus, family reoviridae. here, a cdna subtraction method was used to obtain approximately one-third of the viral genome, and further sequencing was performed to compl ...200919282430
morphological and molecular characterization of an uninucleated cyst-producing entamoeba spp. in captured rangeland goats in western australia.uninucleated entamoeba cysts measuring 7.3×7.7μm were detected in faecal samples collected from wild rangeland goats (capra hircus) after arrival at a commercial goat depot near geraldton, western australia at a prevalence of 6.4% (8/125). sequences were obtained at the 18s rrna (n=8) and actin (n=5) loci following pcr amplification. at the 18s locus, phylogenetic analysis grouped the isolates closest with an e. bovis isolate (fn666250) from a sheep from sweden with 99% similarity. at the actin ...201728215866
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