[genetic polymorphism of 4 microsatellites dna in 3 goat populations and relationship with heterosis].gene frequency, polymorphism information contents, number of effective alleles, heterozygosity and genetic distances were studied in boer goat, taihang goat and hebei dairy goat using four microsatellite markers (oarfcb11, oarae101, mcm218, mcm38). the crossing effects on hebei dairy goat and taihang goat with boer goat were tested. the results indicated that there are genetic polymorphisms at four microsatellite markers in three goat breeds. four microsatellite markers can be used for genetic d ...200415640076
at least two genetically distinct large babesia species infective to sheep and goats in china.a fatal disease of sheep and goats in the northern part of china has been reported to be due to babesia ovis. however, some characteristics of the causative agent in recent reports are not in accordance with the original attributes ascribed to this parasite. therefore, the 18s small subunit ribosomal rna (18s rrna) genes of a number of babesia isolates in china were sequenced and compared with that of other babesia and theileria species in an attempt to clarify their taxonomic position. in the p ...200717531391
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