[group differences in responses of pseudois naynaur to human disturbance in helan mountain, ningxia hui autonomous region].wild animals respond differently to nonconsumptive human activity and such variation depends on multiple factors. we explored the behaviors of pseudois naynaur and recorded the distance of their responses in suyu kou national forest park, helan mountain, ningxia hui autonomous region. we categorized their behavioural responses as no response, vigilance and flight and recorded the response initiation distance. we compared distances according to disturbance source, group size, group type and sex. ...201121509961
molecular study of echinococcus in west-central china.west-central china is an important endemic focus of both alveolar and cystic echinococcosis where several species of intermediate host are commonly infected with echinococcus granulosus and e. multilocularis . isolates of e. granulosus were collected from humans and other animals from different geographical areas of qinghai, ningxia, gansu and sichuan, and genotyped using the mitochondrial dna marker atp synthase subunit 6 gene (atp6). the sheep strain (g1 genotype) of e. granulosus was shown to ...200516174420
theileriosis of sheep and goats in china.theileriosis is an important disease of sheep and goats in west china. its main distribution includes qinghai, gansu, ningxia, inner mongolia, shaanxi and sichuan. the epidemic period is from late march to july with april-may being the peak months. this is the period of most intensive tick attack by haemaphysalis qinghaiensis (77.2-99.24%) during the year. it has been proved that the nymphs and adults, which develop from larvae and nymphs engorged on infected sheep or goats can transmit the path ...19979512737
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