serum retinol levels among preschool children in central java: demographic and socioeconomic determinants.vitamin a deficiency is a significant problem in many countries in the developing world. reports have noted demographic and socioeconomic risk factors for vitamin a deficiency. 'deficiency' has usually been defined by clinical signs and symptoms which represent only a small proportion of those children at increased risk for vitamin a preventable morbidity and mortality.19957635602
infant mortality -- an indicator of development.during 1 of many frequent visits to leksana village in central java in indonesia, a public health specialist noted an observation made by a leader of village development activities, the wife of the village head. the woman spoke of the decline in infant deaths in the community while the public health specialist and burmese visitors watched activities involving weighing of children 5 years old. she led the group to the local cemetery to witness direct evidence of her claim. indeed the considera ...199112284690
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