an outbreak of anthrax meningoencephalitis.we report a common-source outbreak of anthrax meningoencephalitis in chittoor district in andhra pradesh, southern india, in october 1990. the source of infection was the carcass of a sheep. of 5 persons who skinned and cut up its meat for human consumption, 4 developed anthrax meningoencephalitis and one a malignant pustule. another person who wrapped the meat in a cloth and carried it home on his head developed a malignant pustule on his forehead and also meningoencephalitis. all subjects with ...19948036676
incidence of neutralizing antibodies to chandipura virus in domestic animals from karimnagar and warangal districts of andhra pradesh, order to determine the possible role of domestic animals in the outbreak of acute encephalitis associated with chandipura virus (cpv) among children in andhra pradesh in 2003, a serological survey of domestic animals was carried out during the epidemic in july 2003. out of 180 animal sera from highly affected areas of the karimnagar and warangal districts of andhra pradesh 33 (18.3%) had virus neutralizing (vn) antibodies to cpv. the positive animals consisted of pigs (30.6%), buffalos (17.9% ...200515929402
studies on amphistomiasis in andhra pradesh (india) vi. immunization of lambs and kids with gamma irradiated metacercariae of cercariae indicae xxvi.the life span and the pathogenicity of amphistomes developing from cercariae indicae xxvi (paramphistomum epicilitum) were considerably reduced when the metacercariae were gamma-irradiated at 2 krad or 3 krad. the higher irradiation dose resulted in the complete absence of the flukes in infected animals. single vaccination of lambs and kids with 3000 metacercariae irradiated at 2 krad or 3 krad stimulated a significant degree of resistance against challenge with 5000 non-irradiated metacercariae ...19817229328
an outbreak of cutaneous anthrax in a non-endemic district--visakhapatnam in andhra pradesh.anthrax is a disease of herbivorous animals, and humans incidentally acquire the disease by handling infected dead animals and their products. sporadic cases of human anthrax have been reported from southern india.200516394383
incidence of infectious enterotoxaemia in goats in andhra pradesh. 19705530302
some observations on babesia motasi infection in sheep in andhra pradesh. 19665950635
fertility rate of hydatid cyst in animals from kurnool. 19705528198
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