the epidemiology of leishmania donovani infection in high transmission foci in india.visceral leishmaniasis (vl) is highly prevalent in bihar, india. india and its neighbours aim at eliminating vl, but several knowledge gaps in the epidemiology of vl may hamper that effort. the prevalence of asymptomatic infections with leishmania donovani and their role in transmission dynamics are not well understood. we report data from a sero-survey in bihar.201020487420
animal reservoirs of visceral leishmaniasis in india.visceral leishmaniasis (vl) is a disease that has both zoonotic and anthroponotic etiologies. in india, vl is endemic, considered to be anthroponotic, and caused by leishmania donovani . anthroponotic diseases are maintained by transmission from human to human and to a lesser extent from human to animals. serum samples from 1,220 animals from 7 human vl endemic districts of bihar, india, were tested for antibodies to a recombinant kinetoplast antigen (rk39 antigen) present in amastigotes of visc ...201322765517
sandfly survey in nainital and almora districts of uttaranchal with particular reference to phlebotomus argentipes, vector of kala-azar.kala-azar continues to pose a major public health problem in bihar, west bengal and parts of eastern uttar pradesh in india causing great deal of morbidity and mortality. during 1998, several kala-azar cases from sub-himalayan region were treated in delhi hospitals. and a suspected focus of kala-azar was subsequently reported from this area. therefore a preliminary sandfly survey was carried out during october, 1999 in 18 randomly selected villages at different altitudes in nainital & almora dis ...200111898464
trace elemental analysis of extracted dust from lungs and lymph nodes of domestic animals using x-ray fluorescence technique.samples of dust extracted from the lungs and lymph nodes of certain domestic animals from west bengal, orissa, bihar provinces of india were quantitatively analysed using photon excited energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence technique. thin specimens were prepared for analysis to minimize matrix enhancement and absorption effects. amongst the various elements analysed, hg, fe, cu, zn and pb were found to be present in appreciable amounts. an important finding was the presence of a very high concen ...19807419324
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