comparative efficacy of standard agid, ccie and competitive elisa for detecting bluetongue virus antibodies in indigenous breeds of sheep and goats in rajasthan, india.the sero-prevalence of antibodies against blue tongue virus (btv) in 408 local breeds of sheep in rajasthan state in india was investigated using standard agar gel immunodiffusion (agid) test. maximum seropositivities of 11.3% (13/115), 10.7% (13/121), 7.1% (11/155) and 5.9% (1/17) were recorded in the chokla, magra, nali and pugal breeds, respectively. out of 107 goat serum samples, 6 (5.6%) were agid positive. the performance of the standard agid, counter current immuno-electrophoresis (ccie) ...200515785128
some observations on endemic fluorosis in domestic animals in southern rajasthan (india).chronic fluoride toxicity in the form of osteo-dental fluorosis was observed in cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats from 21 villages of banswara, dungarpur and udaipur districts of southern rajasthan where the mean fluoride concentration in drinking water varied from 1.5 to 4.0 ppm. the prevalence of dental fluorosis in calves (< 1 year age) was greater than that in adult cattle and buffaloes. at a fluoride concentration in the water of 4.0 ppm, 100% of calves, 65.6% of buffaloes and 61.0% of cat ...199910598076
prevalence of coxiella burnetii infection among humans and domestic animals of rajasthan state, india.a total number of 1806 sera comprising 1049 humans and 757 animals from four ecologically different areas of rajasthan state were tested to determine the prevalence of complement-fixing (cf) antibodies to coxiella burnetii (c burnett). of the 1049 human and 757 animal sera tested, antibodies to c. burnetii were detected in 195 sera (18.6 per cent) and 187 sera (24.7 per cent), respectively. among humans, the prevalence of infection with c. burnetii was highest in the desert area of barmer distri ...1979574885
sero prevalence of brucellosis among caprine keepers around jaipur (rajasthan). 19807461813
estimates of (co)variance components and genetic parameters for growth traits in sirohi were collected over a period of 21 years (1988-2008) to estimate (co)variance components for birth weight (bwt), weaning weight (wwt), 6-month weight (6wt), 9-month weight (9wt), 12-month weight (12wt), average daily gain from birth to weaning (adg1), weaning to 6wt (adg2), and from 6wt to 12wt (adg3) in sirohi goats maintained at the central sheep and wool research institute, avikanagar, rajasthan, india. analyses were carried out by restricted maximum likelihood, fitting six animal models ...201120711812
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