serological examinations of slaughtered animals (cattle and goats) in the slaughter-house of colombo/sri lanka towards antibodies against brucellosis, q-fever, rmsf-rickettsia-group, listeriosis, echinococcosis and adenoviruses.serological examinations of slaughtered animals (76 cattle and 184 goats) in the slaughter-house of colombo/sri lanka revealed antibodies against listeriosis, brucellosis, q-fever, rmsf-rickettsia-group, echinococcus and adenoviruses. as the results show, part of this zooanthroponosis has a role to play in human medicine and human infections are to be expected.19883139493
prevalence of arbovirus antibodies in sera of animals in sri lanka.the sera of cattle, goats, dogs and crows from the colombo area were tested for antibodies against seven arboviruses of the families togaviridae and bunyaviridae by a plaque-reduction neutralization microtest, using vero cells and a stable line of pig kidney (ps) cells. the overall percentages of positive sera among the mammals were: bhanja, 92.5%; calovo (batai), 30.6%; sindbis, 13.8%; langat, 4.8%; tahyna, 3.9%; west nile, 1.6%. among the birds, 23.8% had antibodies to bhanja virus and 9.5% to ...19836609014
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