the epidemiology of peste des petits ruminants in pakistan and possible control policies.peste des petits ruminants made its first clinical appearance in pakistan during an epidemic in punjab province in 1991, but its level of activity in subsequent years was never systematically recorded. in 2003, 2004 and 2005 teams trained in participatory disease surveillance methods visited a large number of villages throughout pakistan to record the prevalence and impact of key livestock diseases. peste des petits ruminants has emerged from their study as a common and economically damaging dis ...200819284054
prevalence of neospora caninum antibodies in sheep and goats in pakistan.abstract the purpose of the present study was to obtain seroepidemiological information on the neospora caninum infection status of sheep and goats in different areas of punjab province and azad kashmir (pakistan). a cross-sectional study, using a competitive elisa showed an overall 27.7% (35 of 128) (95% ci ? 7.7%) and 8.6% (13 of 142)(95% ci ? 4.6%) seroprevalence of n. caninum antibodies in sheep and goats, respectively. the difference in seroprevalence between sheep and goat populations wa ...201121854220
current distribution and status of himalayan ibex in upper neelum valley, district neelum azad jammu and kashmir, pakistan.nine months field survey was conducted from july 2004 to august 2005 to take the data on the distribution and population status of himalayan ibex (capra ibex sibirica) in the upper neelum valley of azad kashmir. survey was carried out using direct (senses) as well as indirect (sampling) methods. 122 animals of different categories were recorded in the study area. total average population was composed of 31.79% male, 32.79% female, 25.41% young and 9.84% yearling animals. various threats to the p ...200719090115
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