[epizootiology of foot and mouth disease during a quarter century (1962-1988) in greece].greece has been considered as free from fmd since 1984. during the years 1962-1988 29 primary and 240 secondary (totally 269) outbreaks had appeared in greece. from these 187 were of type o, 60 of type a, 14 of type c, 6 of type sat 1 and 2 of type asia 1. from the 269 cases 81 appeared in attiki, 57 in evros (near the turkey) and 131 in the other provinces. with reference to animal species 197 were in cattle, 60 in pigs and 12 in sheep and goats. most of the 29 primary outbreaks appeared in jan ...19921575672
lead content of fresh milk samples from different sites in athens.milk and dairy products constitute a major food, especially for infants and children, and relatively low levels of toxic elements can contribute significantly to dietary intakes and be hazardous for public health. the purpose of this survey was to define the levels of lead in milk samples of different origin, to establish the presence or absence of contamination. the milks from different sites of the metropolitan area of athens contained negligible traces of lead and thus are safe for the public ...200111577936
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