animal hair as biological indicator for heavy metal pollution in urban and rural areas.animal hair is a good biomonitoring tool for heavy metals assessment and reflects the content of heavy metals in the forage and soil. heavy metals fe, mn, co and ni as well as toxic metals cd and pb were determined in goat, sheep and camel hair, forage and soil collected from four different environmental urban and rural regions. these regions are aswan city farms, allaqi desert pasture, kalabsha farms and halaiub desert pasture at far south of egypt. the results reveal that sheep hair contains t ...200516308777
recurrence of rift valley fever in egypt.rift valley fever (rvf) has been recorded in man and in domestic animals in egypt after a 12-year absence. human infections were first noted in the aswan governorate in late may, 1993. only cases of ocular disease, an infrequent and late manifestation, were reported. of 41 cases, 35 were tested serologically and 27 (77%) had rvf virus-specific igm antibodies. an estimated 600-1500 infections occurred in the region. abortions in cattle and buffalo were seen concurrently and antibodies to rvfv wer ...19937901480
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