smallholder goat breeding and flock management practices in the central rift valley of ethiopia.the study was conducted in the central rift valley of ethiopia to define arsi-bale goat keepers' breeding objectives and breeding practices and to describe flock management practices and rate of inbreeding in arsi-bale goat population. two-stage sampling techniques were employed to select study sites and 202 respondents. semistructured questionnaire and group discussion were used to collect the required information. data were analyzed using statistical package for social science. rate of inbreed ...201122160511
serum enzymes levels and influencing factors in three indigenous ethiopian goat breeds.serum enzymes were studied in 163 apparently healthy goats from three indigenous goat breeds of ethiopia. the effect of breed, age, sex and season on alanine aminotransferase (alt) / glutamic pyruvic transaminase (gpt), aspartate aminotransferase (ast) / glutamic oxalacetic transaminases (got), alkaline phosphatase (alp) and acid phosphatase (acp) levels was assessed. the mean serum enzymes levels of the indigenous arsi-bale, central highland and long-eared somali goat breeds ranged from 14.0-20 ...200818975131
abnormalities of the testes and epididymis in bucks and rams slaughtered at debre zeit abattoir, ethiopia.a study was conducted at debre zeit export abattoir on 404 bucks belonging to four breeds and 167 rams of two breeds. the animals were selected from the slaughter flock using stratified sampling based on breed. ante-mortem and post-mortem examinations were carried out after each animal was carefully identified. various genital abnormalities were observed, among which testicular atrophy and epididymitis were the predominant genital problems in both bucks and rams. the prevalence of cryptorchidism ...200314690091
Genetic and phenotypic parameter estimates for reproduction traits in indigenous Arsi-Bale goats.The study was conducted to evaluate reproductive performances and estimate genetic parameters for reproduction traits in Arsi-Bale goats. A total of 792 kidding records collected from 2001 to 2007 were used. Parity of dam, year, season and type of kidding were investigated as fixed effects by PROC GLM of SAS. Derivative-Free Restricted Maximum Likelihood (DFREML) method was used to estimate genetic parameters by fitting four animal models. Parity of dam and year of kidding influenced (P?<?0.05) ...201122160562
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