q fever in human and livestock populations in 2000, q fever was documented for the first time in the sultanate of oman in two patients, one with chronic pericarditis and the other with acute pneumonia. in 2001, a study of a randomly selected group of 102 adult patients from different provinces in northern oman, presenting to the university hospital in muscat with unrelated conditions (e.g., diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart disease), revealed that 10 (9.8%) were seropositive for previous coxiella burnetii infection. examination of sera f ...200312860629
oman.focus in this discussion of oman is on the following: geography; the people; history; government; political conditions; the economy; and relations between oman and the us. the population is estimated at 1.3 million; the annual growth rate is 3%. the infant mortality rate is estimated to be 50/1000 with a life expectancy of 48 years. oman is located in the eastern part of the arabian peninsula. its land borders with saudi arabia and the united arab emirates remain undefined, and the border w ...198612178123
an abattoir survey of caprine liver diseases in the sultanate of oman.the examination of 675 caprine livers from a slaughterhouse in the greater muscat area in the sultanate of oman revealed that 63 (9.3%) exhibited gross pathological changes leading to condemnation of this organ. forty of these livers (71.4%) exhibited one major abnormality, whereas the remaining 28.6% had two or more lesions. the most frequently occurring disorder was diffuse hepatic lipidosis (4.0%), followed by bacterial associated abscesses (2.4%), cysticercosis (1.9%), and eosinophilic granu ...199910558842
hepatic lipidosis associated with cobalt deficiency in omani goats.livers from 36 of 684 (5.3%) apparently healthy goats examined at an abattoir in the greater muscat area of oman exhibited gross pathological findings characterized by extremely pale, friable, fatty livers encompassing the entire organ. histopathologically, diffuse hepatic lipidosis and occasional bile duct proliferation were observed. periodic acid schiff-positive, diastase-resistant pigment was observed in the macrophages lining the sinusoids. these histopathological lesions were consistent wi ...199910461798
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