epidemiological studies on schistosoma bovis in iringa region, tanzania.various aspects of the epidemiology of schistosoma bovis were studied over a one-year period in iringa region, tanzania. an abattoir survey revealed an overall prevalence rate of 30.8% in cattle and 3.8% in goats in the area, and field studies on two dairy farms both providing good opportunities for schistosome transmission provided information concerning the transmission ecology of s. bovis in relation to different types of grazing and water supply. the traditional management system on one farm ...19862874712
mycoplasmas isolated from the respiratory tract of cattle and goats in tanzania.a microbiological study of the mycoplasma flora in the respiratory tracts of cattle and goats in selected regions of tanzania is described. in the examination of cattle, mycoplasmas were isolated from 60 (17.8%) of the 338 examined lung samples, 8 (47.1%) of the 17 lymph nodes, 4 (13.3%) of the 30 pleural fluid samples and 4 (3.9%) of the 103 nasal swabs examined. all the isolates were identified as mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides, small colony type except for one isolate from pleural fluid ...200011126579
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