an outbreak of type c botulism in 12 horses and a mule.a usda early response team investigated deaths of several horses and a mule in northern arizona at the request of local animal health officials. thirteen animals (12 horses and 1 mule) housed at 5 facilities in a 7.4 square mile area died between august 1998 and january 1999. clinical signs consisted of muscular weakness that rapidly progressed to lateral recumbency. ten animals had paresis of the tongue, throat, or lips. affected animals appeared alert and were interested in eating and drinking ...200010935041
notes from the field: botulism from drinking prison-made illicit alcohol - arizona, 2012.during november 24-27, 2012, the arizona department of health services (adhs) was notified that eight male inmates of prison a, a maximum security prison, had been hospitalized for treatment of an acute neurologic condition suspected to be botulism. botulism is a serious paralytic illness caused by a nerve toxin produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum. all eight patients reported drinking pruno, an illicitly brewed alcoholic beverage that has been associated with botulism outbreaks in pr ...201323388552
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