age-dependent seroprevalence of antibodies against a helicobacter pylori-like organism and helicobacter pylori in commercially reared determine the prevalence of antibodies against a swine-origin helicobacter pylori-like organism (hplo) and h pylori in conventionally reared swine.200617078751
occurrence of helicobacter pylori in surface water in the united states.the primary mode of transmission of the human pathogen helicobacter pylori is unresolved. this study examined the possibility that h. pylori is water-borne. because methods for the direct culture of h. pylori from water samples remain elusive, a microscopic technique was used for detection of this organism. actively respiring micro-organisms binding monoclonal anti-h. pylori antibody were found in the majority of surface and shallow groundwater samples tested (n = 62), indicating that h. pylori ...199910594710
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