seroprevalence of hepatitis a virus and helicobacter pylori infections in the general population of a developed european country (the san marino study): evidence for similar pattern of evaluate the role of faecal-oral transmission in the spread of helicobacter pylori.19979431898
a population based study of helicobacter pylori infection in a european country: the san marino study. relations with gastrointestinal diseases.helicobacter pylori is present worldwide but few large population studies exist on the epidemiology of the infection. a random cross sectional study was performed of h pylori infection in the adult population of san marino, a european country with high gastric cancer rate, to assess its prevalence and to evaluate its relations with gastrointestinal disease. in 2237 subjects (77% of the initial sample) h pylori igg antibodies were detected with enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) and immuno ...19957615270
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