genetic variability determinants of helicobacter pylori: influence of clinical background and geographic origin of isolates.helicobacter pylori has an unusual pattern of genetic variation, which complicates research on this organism. to gain a better understanding of the forces behind this phenomenon, the extent to which recombination and single point mutations affect genetic variability in h. pylori was quantified and the influence of both geographical distance and clinical background were assessed. site-directed restriction-endonuclease digestion of 2 gene fragments was performed on 168 isolates from montreal and b ...200010823768
[campylobacter pylori in the stomach, duodenum and colon of gastroenterological patients. an epidemiologic study of 120 subjects].in a prospective study of 120 gastroenterological patients in berlin, germany, the prevalence of campylobacter pylori was determined. when the gastric mucosa was normal, the prevalence was one in 19 patients (5.3%). in 101 patients with chronic gastritis it was cultured in 55 (54.5%). in 31 patients with chronic atrophic gastritis the organism was cultured in 25 (81%); in 60 patients with severe gastritis it was present in 75%, in 35 with moderate or severe chronic active gastritis in 82.8%. the ...19873622286
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