description of gastroesophageal reflux disease in different ethnic groups, living in the north.introductiod: over the past 15 years, the relative frequency of detection of erosive form of gerd has increased from 3,1 to 16%. manifestations of gerd in different ethnic populations of yakutia are not well understood.201526887147
[prevalence of atrophic gastritis in different populations in siberia on medical evidence of the serological survey].prevalence of atrophic gastritis in various population of siberia with serological tests was studied. representative samples of novosibirsk adult population and also urban and rural population of yakutia were examined. 348 persons at the age more than 45 years (180 males and 168 females) were studied. concentration of pepsinogen i, gastrin 17 and antibodies to helicobacter pilori in blood serum was estimated with immune-enzyme analysis ("biohit gastropanel", "biohit", finland). in addition, dome ...200818756745
[features of the association of helicobacter pylori infection and ulcer in europeans and mongoloids in siberia].to study association between helicobacter pylori infection in ulcer in native population and migrants in siberia.200111338845
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