[viral agents in patients with infectious processes of the central nervous system].local statistics report a great number of cases of neurological diseases of unidentified cause. the purpose of this research was to determine the presence of viral agents in patients with affection of the central nervous system, in zulia state, venezuela. in different health centers throughout the state, we collected 129 randomized samples of cerebrospinal fluid (csf) and serum from patients ranging from 1 day to 41 years of age, showing symptoms of cns disease and whose bacteriological test res ...200111787270
[importance of the confirmatory diagnosis in viral exanthematic diseases in zulia state, venezuela: a review of the problem].a great variety of viruses which cause exanthema share other clinical manifestations, making etiologic identification relying exclusively on clinical examination a very difficult task. the most common agents include the measles virus, rubella, dengue, varicella, cytomegalovirus, epstein barr, enteroviruses, human parvovirus b19 and type 6 human herpes virus. the fact that most these diseases are self limited represents an important challenge to the development of clinical and epidemiological res ...200617672290
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