prevalence of campylobacter jejuni in eggs and poultry meat in new york state.the presence of campylobacter jejuni was tested for but not isolated from any of 276 eggs sampled from 23 egg farms in new york state. the presence of c. jejuni was evaluated in broilers, kosher broilers, spent layers, peking ducks, and turkeys. four of five poultry dressing plants tested showed positive growth of c. jejuni on the 25-carcass samples at various stages of processing. twenty to 100% of live birds sampled contained c. jejuni on the skin but 90 to 100% were contaminated after scaldin ...19873447135
campylobacter fetus jejuni enteritis; in new york city. 19816938818
bleeding on probing differentially relates to bacterial profiles: the oral infections and vascular disease epidemiology study.various bacterial species are differentially prevalent in periodontal health, gingivitis or periodontitis. we tested the independent associations between three bacterial groupings and gingival inflammation in an epidemiological study.200818400025
the effect of clinical outbreaks of salmonellosis on the prevalence of fecal salmonella shedding among dairy cattle in new york.the objective of this study was to determine if the within-herd prevalence of fecal salmonella shedding is higher in dairy herds with clinical outbreaks of disease, as compared to herds with subclinical infections only. data were collected prospectively from dairy herds throughout new york that had at least 150 lactating cows and that received clinical service from participating veterinarians. after enrollment, salmonella surveillance consisted of both environmental screening and disease monitor ...201020353290
detection, isolation, and molecular subtyping of escherichia coli o157:h7 and campylobacter jejuni associated with a large waterborne outbreak.the largest reported outbreak of waterborne escherichia coli o157:h7 in the united states occurred in upstate new york following a county fair in august 1999. culture methods were used to isolate e. coli o157:h7 from specimens from 128 of 775 patients with suspected infections. campylobacter jejuni was also isolated from stools of 44 persons who developed diarrheal illness after attending this fair. there was one case of a confirmed coinfection with e. coli o157:h7 and c. jejuni. molecular detec ...200312517844
serum igg antibody response to periodontal pathogens in minority populations: relationship to periodontal disease status and progression.differences in periodontal disease prevalence, severity, subgingival microflora and host immune response have been reported for various ethnic/racial groups, which implies that risk factors for destructive periodontal disease progression may also vary in these populations. as it is possible that these differences may be due to confounding variables other than ethnicity/race, we have measured serum igg antibody response to six periodontal pathogens, and compared these data with microbiological, c ...200212009183
periodontal infections and pre-term birth: early findings from a cohort of young minority women in new york.the aim of this report is to provide early data from an ongoing study examining (i) the relationship between periodontal infections and pre-term low birth weight (plbw) in a cohort of young, minority, pregnant and post-partum women; and (ii) the effect of periodontal interventions on pregnancy outcome. during the first 2 yr of the study, 213 women were enrolled and examined clinically for dental plaque, calculus, bleeding on probing, and probing depth. birth outcome data were available for 164 w ...200111330932
prevalence of enteric zoonotic agents in cats less than 1 year old in central new york state.a prevalence study of several enteric zoonotic bacterial and parasitic infections was conducted in 263 fecal samples from cats that were between 1 and 12 months old, and that were in humane shelters (n = 149) or were presented to primary-care veterinarians (n = 114). of these samples, 2 (0.8%) were positive for campylobacter, 2 (0.8%) were positive for salmonella, and 10 (3.8%) were positive for cryptosporidium, confirming that these zoonotic agents are relatively rare in cats. toxocara cati (33 ...200111215908
outbreak of escherichia coli o157:h7 and campylobacter among attendees of the washington county fair-new york, 1999.september 3, 1999, the new york state department of health (nysdoh) received reports of at least 10 children hospitalized with bloody diarrhea or escherichia coli o157:h7 infection in counties near albany, new york. all of the children had attended the washington county fair, which was held august 23-29, 1999; approximately 108,000 persons attended the fair during that week. subsequently, fair attendees infected with campylobacter jejuni also were identified. an ongoing investigation includes he ...199910499785
a mixed foodborne outbreak with salmonella heidelberg and campylobacter jejuni in a nursing investigate a mixed salmonella heidelberg and campylobacter jejuni foodborne outbreak in a nursing home.19979120239
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