prevalence of campylobacter jejuni in selected domestic and wild birds in louisiana.prevalence of campylobacter jejuni was determined in a selected population of domestic and free-living birds submitted for necropsy to the louisiana state veterinary medical diagnostic laboratory. the 445 cases examined included 13 orders of birds and yielded c. jejuni in 45 cases, representing an isolation rate of 10.1%. prevalence was highest in galliformes (25.2%), followed by anseriformes (12.9%) and columbiformes (8.3%). only one isolation was made out of 179 psittaciformes examined. penner ...19892619661
prevalence of campylobacter jejuni in felidae in baton rouge, louisiana.a prevalence study revealed campylobacter jejuni in rectal swabs of 1% of a sample of 430 domestic cats and from one species of 15 zoo felines which were examined. there was no correlation between age, presence of diarrhea, source of sample (animal shelter, veterinary clinic, domestic pet) and the isolation of c. jejuni. a controlled exposure trial confirmed that fecal shedders can transmit infection to susceptible contacts which subsequently demonstrate transient diarrhea. infected cats show a ...19853877024
campylobacter enterocolitis in new orleans.campylobacter is being increasingly recognized as a common pathogen producing acute diarrheal illness. during 1981, all stool cultures at charity hospital were routinely screened for campylobacter. twenty-nine of 2,233 total cultures were positive. we performed a retrospective study to evaluate the disease's clinical picture and epidemiologic features. campylobacter-positive cultures comprised 1.3% of all stool specimens and 21.6% of all positive cultures. age, sex, and race in the campylobacter ...19836867794
prevalence of selected bacterial infections associated with the use of animal waste in louisiana.human health is a major concern when considering the disposal of large quantities of animal waste. health concerns could arise from exposure to pathogens and excess nitrogen associated with this form of pollution. the objective was to collect and analyze health data related to selected bacterial infections associated with the use of animal waste in louisiana. an analysis of adverse health effects has been conducted based on the incidence/prevalence rates of campylobacteriosis, e. coli o157:h7 in ...200516705805
assessment of post-hurricane katrina recovery in poultry slaughter establishments.control of bacterial contamination during poultry slaughter can be compromised by natural disaster. in october 2005, disaster recovery was evaluated in 11 broiler slaughter establishments 1 month after operations were disrupted by hurricane katrina. a questionnaire was administered to characterize the establishment's operational disruption. carcass rinses were collected at the early and late stage of the slaughter process (rehang and postchill). counts for generic escherichia coli were determine ...200717612083
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