associations between antimicrobial exposure and resistance in fecal campylobacter spp. from grow-finish pigs on-farm in alberta and saskatchewan, canada.campylobacter spp. (n = 405), isolated from the feces of apparently healthy grow-finish pigs in 20 herds, were tested for susceptibility to 10 antimicrobials representing seven classes. twelve percent of the isolates were susceptible to all drugs, while 64% were resistant to two or more antimicrobial classes. resistance was most common to clindamycin, azithromycin, and erythromycin (71% each), and 10% of the isolates were resistant to ciprofloxacin. an antimicrobial use risk-factor analysis and ...200919343934
multiple zoonotic pathogens identified in canine feces collected from a remote canadian indigenous community.five genera of potentially zoonotic bacteria and parasites were detected in environmentally collected fecal samples from a remote indigenous community in northern saskatchewan, canada. organisms identified include toxocara canis, echniococcus granulosus, giardia duodenalis, cryptosporidium spp., and campylobacter spp. the prevalence and intensity of giardia spp. and campylobacter spp. in fecal samples was particularly remarkable. three-quarters of samples tested contained at least one zoonotic s ...201020682878
the effects of tritrichomonas foetus and nutritional status on the fertility of cows on a community pasture in saskatchewan.a prospective observational study of a breeding season in a saskatchewan community pasture was carried out to determine the cause or causes of a chronic infertility problem. there were 774 cows, from 27 herds, divided into 4 breeding groups (a,b,c,d) on the pasture. cows entering the pasture in may were weighed, had their body condition scored and height measured. all bulls received breeding soundness examinations and a preputial wash, which was cultured for tritrichomonas foetus and campylobact ...19989789675
syndromic surveillance of gastrointestinal illness using pharmacy over-the-counter sales. a retrospective study of waterborne outbreaks in saskatchewan and ascertain if monitoring over-the-counter (otc) drug sales could provide a timely syndromic surveillance method of detecting outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness.200415622795
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