[isolation of thermotolerant species of campylobacter from 2 populations of chickens bred in confinement and at liberty].the isolation rates of thermotolerant campylobacter species in free-ranging domestic chickens and confined chickens from iquitos city, peru, were determined. campylobacter spp. were isolated in 54.0% of the former group of chickens, being less frequent (35.0%) in the latter (p < 0.05). of the classical thermotolerant species, c. jejuni and c. coli were the most frequent. however, the presence c. lari suggests that the chickens might be an important reservoir of this bacterium.19958731279
chicken as potential contamination source of campylobacter lari in iquitos, order to know the importance of chicken as natural reservoir of campylobacter lari in iquitos, peru; samples were obtained by cloacal swabs from 200 chickens and immediately placed into a semisolid enrichment medium; these were streaked on modified skirrow agar. the organism was isolated from 21 (10.5%) samples, corresponding 58.8% to biovar i and 41.2% to biovar ii (lior scheme). the results provide evidence that chicken appear to be prominent reservoirs of campylobacter lari in iquitos.19947569622
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