[helicobacter pylori and gastroduodenal pathology in the republic of panama].129 patients, panamanians and north americans, with chronic dyspepsia, were prospectively studied regarding infection by h. pylori and the type of gastroduodenal pathology diagnosed by endoscopy and histology. the rapid urea split test was compared with the culture. the percentage of patients infected by h. pylori increased with age. patients under 30, 37%; 31 to 40, 61%; 41 to 76, 75%. h. pylori was found in 70% of the panamanians and 54% of the americans. h. pylori infected 81%, 75%, 54% and 2 ...19902392579
[1st isolations of campylobacter jejuni in panama]. 19846494508
travelers' diarrhea in panamanian tourists in determine whether residents of developing countries are unlikely to acquire travelers' diarrhea, 64 panamanians of widely divergent socioeconomic strata were studied during a 15-day tour through mexico. twenty-three (36%) tourists experienced 27 episodes of travelers' diarrhea that were caused by seven different pathogens. the most commonly identified etiologic agents were rotavirus (26%), norwalk virus (15%), and campylobacter fetus (11%), whereas enterotoxigenic escherichia coli was not fre ...19816273474
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