[acute and persistent diarrheal disease and its nutritional consequences in guatemalan infants].for the purpose of better understanding the epidemiology of acute and persistent diarrhea, 130 infants of a marginal urban area in guatemala city were studied. the subjects were kept under surveillance by weekly home visits, for periods that varied from three to nine months. the diarrhea episodes were detected and microbiological studies were done in fecal material. additionally, the children were weighed and measured to determine their nutritional status. the infants suffered, on the average, 5 ...19892490881
infection, diarrhea, and dysentery caused by shigella species and campylobacter jejuni among guatemalan rural examine the factors that may influence the outcome of infections by shigella spp. and campylobacter jejuni we followed for 24 consecutive months 321 rural guatemala children 0 to 35 months old. home visits were made to determine child morbidity patterns with emphasis on diarrhea and dysentery. fecal samples for microbiologic studies were obtained from the participants when they were ill and during healthy periods. shigella spp. were isolated from 9.8 and 4.0% of ill and healthy children, resp ...19948177630
prevalence of multi-gastrointestinal infections with helminth, protozoan and campylobacter spp. in guatemalan children.the prevalence of multi-infections with helminthes, protozoans and campylobacter spp. in guatemalan children is a reflection of differences in the risk factors related to pathogen transmission.200919759480
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