[isolation of campylobacter coli/jejuni from samples of human feces in the province of pisa]. 19827171243
species, biotype and serogroup of campylobacter spp. isolated from children with diarrhoea over a ten-year period.from 1981 to 1990, stool samples from 6403 gastroenteritis cases were examined for the presence of campylobacters as well as salmonella, shigella, aeromonas species and yersinia enterocolitica. the percentages of isolation were the following: campylobacters 10.8 (86.1% of isolates were c. jejuni and 13.9% were c. coli), salmonella spp. 8.4, aeromonas spp 1.4, yersinia enterocolitica 0.3. shigella spp. were isolated only occasionally. predominant biotypes of campylobacters were c. jejuni i (69.5% ...19979385599
unusual species of campylobacters isolated in the siena tuscany area, italy.from january 1989 to december 1990, stool samples from 288 children with enteritis were examined for the presence of unusual campylobacters which represented about 20% of all campylobacteria isolated when the filtration technique was used. the isolation percentage was the following: c. jejuni ss. jejuni 6.9%; c. coli 2%; c. jejuni ss. doylei, c. upsaliensis and c. concisus each 0.7%. the atypical campylobacter isolates were examined for their virulence characteristics. toxin profiles based on cy ...19989497925
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