antimicrobial resistance profiling and dna amplification fingerprinting (daf) of thermophilic campylobacter spp. in human, poultry and porcine samples from the cork region of ireland.antimicrobial resistance (r) typing and dna amplification fingerprinting (daf) of a random collection of 84 irish thermophilic campylobacter isolates is described. the collection included human, veterinary (porcine) and poultry isolates cultured between 1996 and 1998 in the cork region of ireland. biochemical and molecular methods were used to identify campylobacter jejuni and camp. coli. many of these isolates were simultaneously resistant to several common antimicrobial agents. in particular, ...200011119145
emerging dynamics of human campylobacteriosis in southern ireland.infections with campylobacter spp. pose a significant health burden worldwide. the significance of campylobacter jejuni/campylobacter coli infection is well appreciated but the contribution of non-c. jejuni/c. coli spp. to human gastroenteritis is largely unknown. in this study, we employed a two-tiered molecular study on 7194 patient faecal samples received by the microbiology department in cork university hospital during 2009. the first step, using entericbio(®) (serosep), a multiplex pcr syst ...201122077228
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