[the most frequent infectious causes of abortion in sheep in north bavaria with special reference to chlamydia and salmonella infections].between 1980 and 1987 1153 ovine fetuses and placentas were examined after abortion. in 68.5% of the cases a cause of abortion could be diagnosed as follows: 43.5% chlamydia psittaci var. ovis, 10.7% salmonella abortus ovis, 3.7% coxiella burnetii, 3.3% listeria monocytogenes and 0.4% campylobacter fetus intestinalis. hemolyzing escherichia coli and streptococci, yersinia pseudotuberculosis, salmonella typhimurium, salmonella enteritidis, corynebacterium pyogenes and other facultative pathogens ...19892503908
comparative analysis of antibiotic resistance characteristics of gram-negative bacteria isolated from laying hens and eggs in conventional and organic keeping systems in bavaria, investigating the prevalence and resistance characteristics of gram-negative bacteria from organic and conventional kept laying hens against 31 (campylobacter: 29) different antibiotics using the microdilution method, we determined to what extent different keeping systems influence bacterial resistance patterns. for this purpose, samples from 10 organic and 10 conventional flocks in bavaria (germany) were investigated four times between january 2004 and april 2005. altogether, 799 cloacal swa ...200818667026
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