[surveillance of gastroenteritic infections in lower saxony: results and experiences from a regional public-health project over six years].in lower saxony, a regional public health project on a pathogen-specific surveillance of enteritis infectiosa was carried out from 1994 to 2000. in a separate reporting procedure thirteen health departments transmitted data on the specific pathogen collected from laboratory reports for a joint analysis. the results were distributed among the participants, providing them with information on the situation and trends in their districts and in addition giving them the possibility to compare their da ...200111735070
[the bacteriological and serological prevalence of campylobacter spp. and yersinia enterocolitica in fattening pig herds in lower saxony].this article presents the results of a study on the occurrence of two bacteria that cause zoonoses, campylobacter spp. and yersinia enterocolitica. the study was carried out in 30 fattening herds in lower saxony, germany, in 2004 and compares the results of bacteriological and serological methods of detection. bacteriological findings of campylobacter spp. in the faeces indicated that 69.7% of the fattening pigs were positive, but 81.2% tested positive serologically. all herds tested here were b ...200617007466
campylobacter monitoring in german broiler flocks: an explorative time series analysis.campylobacter, a major zoonotic pathogen, displays seasonality in poultry and in humans. in order to identify temporal patterns in the prevalence of thermophilic campylobacter spp. in a voluntary monitoring programme in broiler flocks in germany and in the reported human incidence, time series methods were used. the data originated between may 2004 and june 2007. by the use of seasonal decomposition, autocorrelation and cross-correlation functions, it could be shown that an annual seasonality is ...200918811672
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