campylobacter jejuni isolated from poultry and humans in styria, austria: epidemiology and ciprofloxacin resistance.sixty-six broiler flocks were sampled to determine the presence of campylobacter spp. at slaughter in 1998. thirty flocks (45%) tested positive and c. jejuni was identified in all isolates. combined pulsed-field gel electrophoresis/amplified fragment length polymorphism (pfge/aflp) subtyping of 177 isolates from 24 positive flocks revealed 62 subtypes; 16 flocks harboured more than one subtype. when subtyping 101 clinical c. jejuni isolates collected in the same time period and area, 60 pfge/afl ...200312825721
[the austrian pediatrician theodor escherich as bacteriologist and social hygienist: the 100th anniversary of his death on february 15th, 1911].escherich was born on november 29, 1857 in ansbach, bavaria. he has been director of the children hospitals in graz (styria, austria) from 1890 and vienna (austria) from 1902, started his bacteriological investigations in 1884 during a short stay in st. anna children hospital in vienna. this he continued it as an assistant in munich and as clinic director in graz. on the basis of his bacteriological findings in breast-milk, which proved to be sterile, he wanted to detect the physiological and pa ...201121369861
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