[multicenter study on bacterial gastroenteritis in regional hospitals of the province of barcelona. group of microbiologists of the regional hospitals of catalonia].a retrospective analysis of 26,901 coprocultures is reported. of these, in 5,847 (21.7%) an enteric pathogen was isolated. the positivity rate in adults was 21.0%, and 22.1% in children. statistically significant differences (p less than 0.001) were found in the number of overall isolates throughout the years for both age groups. the most common enteropathogen was salmonella enterica spp i non typhi (59.4% of the isolates in children and 76.9% in adults). the rate of isolation of campylobacter s ...19892490674
antibiotic resistance trends in enteropathogenic bacteria isolated in 1985-1987 and 1995-1998 in barcelona.trends in resistance to antimicrobial agents used for therapy have been evaluated with 3,797 enteropathogenic bacteria, campylobacter, salmonella, shigella, and yersinia, between 1985-1987 and 1995-1998. the greater increase in the rate of resistance was observed in campylobacter jejuni for quinolones (from 1 to 82%) and tetracycline (from 23 to 72%) and in gastroenteric salmonellae for ampicillin (from 8 to 44%), chloramphenicol (from 1.7 to 26%), and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole and nalidixic ...200010770742
[outbreak of gastroenteritis caused by campylobacter jejuni transmitted through drinking water].the aim of this study was to conduct a clinical-epidemiological and microbiological investigation into an outbreak of waterborne disease caused by campylobacter jejuni due to the consumption of drinking water.200212459108
microbiological quality of fresh, minimally-processed fruit and vegetables, and sprouts from retail establishments.a survey of fresh and minimally-processed fruit and vegetables, and sprouts was conducted in several retail establishments in the lleida area (catalonia, spain) during 2005-2006 to determine whether microbial contamination, and in particular potentially pathogenic bacteria, was present under these commodities. a total of 300 samples--including 21 ready-to-eat fruits, 28 whole fresh vegetables, 15 sprout samples and 237 ready-to-eat salads containing from one to six vegetables--were purchased fro ...200818237811
[risk factors for sporadic cases of campylobacter infection in children].to identify risk factors for sporadic cases of campylobacter infection in children aged 14 years.200919269066
intestinal carriage of campylobacters, salmonellas, yersinias and listerias in pigeons in the city of barcelona.the faecal bacterial flora of pigeons, which may be the source of infectious diseases in man, was studied in the city of barcelona. four hundred cloacal specimens were examined for campylobacter jejuni, camp. coli, salmonella spp., yersinia spp. and listeria spp., over a 12 month period. campylobacter jejuni was the most frequently isolated micro-organism, found in 105 pigeons (26.2%), with a greater incidence in the districts of the city with a high density of pigeons and without seasonal varia ...19957883642
increased resistance to quinolone in catalonia, spain.from 1989 to 1991, the level of resistance to ciprofloxacin in our hospital increased from 0.47% to 6.7% in opportunistic enterobacteriaceae, from 9.9% to 16% in pseudomonas aeruginosa and from 8.27% to 31.8% in campylobacter jejuni-coli. we also observed an increase in quinolone consumption from 1.1 in 1989 to 1.5 defined daily doses per 1000 inhabitants per day in 1991.19938467626
utility of clinical-epidemiological profiles in outbreaks of foodborne disease, catalonia, 2002 through 2006.the objective of this study was to evaluate the use of clinical-epidemiological profiles for classifying non-laboratory-confirmed outbreaks of foodborne disease (fbd) in catalonia between 2002 and 2006 and for elucidating associations among factors contributing to these outbreaks. a total of 275 nonfamily outbreaks were studied, of which 190 (69.1%) were laboratory confirmed and 85 (30.9%) were not. in 176 (92.6%) of laboratory-confirmed outbreaks and 69 (81.2%) of non-laboratory-confirmed outbr ...201020051215
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