perinatal lamb mortality in western australia: 5. vibrionic infection.vibrionic abortion was diagnosed in sheep on 48 occasions between 1963-65 and 3 of these were associated with other major abortion pathogens. the outbreaks were scattered throughout the agricultural area of western australia. time-of-death of 91 infected lambs was: ante-parturient death 50.5%, parturient death 13.2% and post-parturient death 36.3% (deaths occurring immediately after death 28.6%, deaths delayed after death 2.2%, and late post-parturient death 5.5%). the majority of lambs had gros ...19751164266
gastro-enteritis in australian children: studies on the aetiology of acute diarrhoea.a prospective, year-long study of the microbiology of childhood gastro-enteritis in perth showed that (i) aeromonas-associated diarrhoea was the commonest recognized bacterial cause for acute diarrhoea, especially in summer, (ii) campylobacter infections were the next most common bacterial cause, (iii) rotavirus and parasites were not significant causes of sporadic acute childhood diarrhoea, and (iv) enteric bacterial pathogens and intestinal parasites were often isolated from aboriginal childre ...19882456732
the 14c-urea breath-test for the detection of gastric campylobacter pylori infection.a breath-test has been developed for the detection of gastric infection with campylobacter pylori. urea that is labelled with carbon 14 is administered to a fasting patient and the patient's breath is sampled for radioactivity over the following 30 minutes. if c. pylori is present in the patient's stomach, urease activity causes hydrolysis of the urea and the 14c is absorbed as carbon dioxide. this carbon dioxide enters the patient's bicarbonate pool and eventually is excreted in the breath. the ...19892593958
the microbiology of childhood gastroenteritis: aeromonas species and other infective agents.a prospective, 12-month study of 975 non-aboriginal children with diarrhea and age- and sex-matched children without diarrhea, in perth, western australia, was designed to investigate the significance of enterotoxigenic aeromonas species as a cause of diarrhea. enterotoxigenic aeromonas species were found in the fecal specimens of 10.8% of the patients with diarrhea but in only 0.7% of those without diarrhea. most aeromonas species were isolated during the summer. other important bacterial patho ...19836886488
low-level fluoroquinolone resistance among campylobacter jejuni isolates in australia.ciprofloxacin-resistant campylobacter jejuni isolates obtained from infected patients in australia have not been detected in studies of isolates from specific geographic areas. the australian government has prohibited the use of fluoroquinolone in food-producing animals. to assess the impact of this policy, we have examined the antimicrobial susceptibility of isolates from 5 australian states.200616619147
epidemiology of notified campylobacteriosis in western australia.campylobacteriosis is one of the most common causes of gastroenteritis in australia and the rates are thought to be increasing. this study has included all cases of campylobacteriosis that were notified in western australia between 1991 and 2001. the data for the study were received from western australian notifiable infectious diseases database located at the communicable disease control directorate of western australia. rates of notification were calculated using the census data from 1991 for ...200616827087
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