diarrhoeagenic bacterial pathogens in hiv-positive patients with diarrhoea in rural communities of limpopo province, south africa.potential enteric bacterial pathogens in 60 hiv-positive patients with chronic diarrhoea in rural communities of the limpopo province, south africa, were identified using standard microbiological methods. the kirby-bauer disk-diffusion method was employed to determine antibiograms of isolated bacteria. results revealed that diarrhoeagenic bacterial agents were isolated from 48 (80%) of the 60 hiv-positive patients with diarrhoea. forty-four (73.3%) and 16 (26.7%) of the 60 patients were female a ...200212430759
bacterial contamination of vhuswa--a local weaning food and stored drinking-water in impoverished households in the venda region of south africa.bacterial contaminants of vhuswa--a traditional maize-based weaning food, and domestic drinking-water stored in impoverished rural households in venda of limpopo province, south africa, were determined. one hundred and twenty-five samples of vhuswa fed to children aged less than five years were assessed for escherichia coli, campylobacter jejuni, salmonella, and shigella. the microbiological quality of 125 drinking-water samples was also evaluated using total coliforms, faecal coliforms, and fae ...200516117367
prevalence of campylobacter species, helicobacter pylori and arcobacter species in stool samples from the venda region, limpopo, south africa: studies using molecular diagnostic methods.this study determined the prevalence of campylobacter spp., helicobacter pylori and arcobacter spp. in stool samples from venda in relation to diarrhea, intestinal inflammation and hiv status using specific molecular methods.200717145081
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