physical, chemical and microbiological quality of ice used to cool drinks and foods in greece and its public health used for direct human consumption or to preserve foods and cool down drinks can be contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms and may potentially become a vehicle for consumer's infection. to evaluate physical, chemical and microbiological quality of commercial ice and ice used for fish and seafood, 100 ice samples collected at 10 different retail points in the region of epirus were studied. the following microbiological parameters were determined: total coliforms, fecal coliforms, salmonel ...201121802520
microbial challenges of poultry meat safety and shelf-life are both important microbial concerns in relation to broiler meat production. focus is mainly placed on the absence or control of potentially pathogenic microbes such as salmonella spp. and campylobacter spp. but, from the commercial point of view, other spoilage bacteria also play a role as potential threats. regarding food safety, the primary target should be the production of pathogen-free live animals, thus allowing slaughter plants to keep the processing line free ...201121718794
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