rotaviruses in infants with diarrhea studied by viral rna electrophoresis in ankara, turkey.incidence of rotavirus in children under 2 years of age, admitted to 2 children's hospitals i n ankara, turkey, from july 1984-june 1985 was measured using viral rna electrophoresis in agarose gels. 375 children were selected at random from over 14,000 diarrhea admissions, and their stool specimens taken on admission were compared to those of 333 children without diarrhea. 61 (16.3%) of the diarrhea cases had detectable rotavirus, compared to 0% in controls. bacteriologic tests for salmonella ...19872851886
analysis of helicobacter pylori genotypes and correlation with clinical outcome in turkey.the predominant helicobacter pylori strains circulating among geographic locations differ in regard to genomic structure. the association of the caga-positive, vaca s1 genotypes with peptic ulcer disease (pud) and gastric cancer was reported in western countries but not in east asian countries. strains from western countries predominantly possessed caga type 2a, vaca s1a or s1b/m1a, or vaca m2a genotypes, whereas strains from east asia possessed caga type 1a, vaca s1c/m1b, or vaca m2b genotypes. ...200415071020
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