emerging infectious diseases that threaten the blood supply.following the devastating effects of blood-transmitted human immunodeficiency virus (hiv), blood establishments have become increasingly vigilant for the emergence or re-emergence of new threats to the safety of the blood supply. many agents have fulfilled the broad definition of emerging blood-transmitted infections, including west nile virus (wnv), trypanosoma cruzi, plasmodium spp., babesia spp., parvovirus b19, dengue virus, and the prions that cause variant creutzfeld-jacob disease (vcjd). ...200717198845
insurance and epidemics: sars, west nile virus and nipah virus.severe acute respiratory syndrome (sars) reminds us that sudden disease emergence is a permanent part of our world--and should be anticipated in our planning. historically the emergence of new diseases has had little or no impact beyond a small, localized cluster of infections. however, given just the right conditions, a highly virulent pathogen can suddenly spread across time and space with massive consequences, as has occurred on several occasions in human history. in the wake of the sars outb ...200314971089
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