first collection of anopheles (anopheles) punctipennis (say) on oahu, hawaii: implications for the potential introduction of west nile virus.a single adult female of anopheles (anopheles) punctipennis (say) was collected in a new jersey light trap in the port area of honolulu, oahu, hi, on december 8, 2003. this is the 1st record of a wild-collected, intact anopheles mosquito, and the 1st detection of an. punctipennis in the hawaiian islands. extensive larval surveillance and additional light trapping in the area of the collection site indicate that populations of this species have not become established on oahu. the distribution of ...200516033127
pathways of expansion and multiple introductions illustrated by large genetic differentiation among worldwide populations of the southern house mosquito.the southern house mosquito culex quinquefasciatus is a principal vector of human lymphatic filariasis, several encephalitides (including west nile virus), avian malaria, and poxvirus, but its importance as a vector varies considerably among regions. this species has spread with humans and is ubiquitous in tropical urban and suburban environments. this was the first mosquito to reach hawaii and we performed a worldwide genetic survey using micro-satellite loci to identify its source. our analyse ...200616474085
serosurveillance for japanese encephalitis and west nile viruses in resident birds in hawai'i.japanese encephalitis virus (jev) and west nile virus (wnv) are emerging zoonotic arboviruses that have recently undergone intercontinental expansion. both jev and wnv are naturally transmitted between mosquito vectors and vertebrate reservoir hosts, including birds. a potential route of jev introduction from asia to western north america is via the hawaiian archipelago, while the spread of wnv from mainland north america to hawai'i is also considered an impending threat. we surveyed resident, n ...201020688669
protective efficacy of a recombinant subunit west nile virus vaccine in domestic geese (anser anser).introduction of the west nile virus (wnv) to hawai'i will undoubtedly devastate many populations of critically endangered avian species indigenous to hawai'i. the protective efficacy of a protein-based wnv subunit vaccine formulated with adjuvant was evaluated in domestic geese as a surrogate species for the endangered nēnē, the state bird of hawai'i. prevention of viremia following viral infection of vaccinated birds was used as the clinical endpoint of protection. elisa and plaque reduction ne ...200818723064
infectious diseases. hawaii girds itself for arrival of west nile virus. 200415498990
vector competence of three north american strains of aedes albopictus for west nile evaluate the potential for north american (na) aedes albopictus to transmit west nile virus (wn), mosquito strains derived from 3 na sources (frederick county, maryland, fred strain; cheverly, md, chev strain; chambers and liberty counties, texas, tamu strain) were tested. these strains were tested along with a previously tested strain from a hawaiian source (oahu strain). mosquitoes were fed on 2- to 3-day-old chickens previously inoculated with a new york strain (crow 397-99) of wn. all of ...200212542184
experimental infection of hawai'i 'amakihi (hemignathus virens) with west nile virus and competence of a co-occurring vector, culex quinquefasciatus: potential impacts on endemic hawaiian avifauna.introduced mosquito-borne avian disease is a major limiting factor in the recovery and restoration of native hawaiian forest birds. annual epizootics of avian pox (avipoxvirus) and avian malaria (plasmodium relictum) likely led to the extinction of some species and continue to impact populations of susceptible hawaiian honeycreepers (drepanidinae). the introduction of a novel pathogen, such as west nile virus (wnv), could result in further population declines and extinctions. during september an ...200919395735
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