further spread of west nile virus in italy.following two consecutive years of west nile virus (wnv) circulation in italy, new foci of infection were observed in august 2010 in sicily and molise in southern and central italy, respectively. these incidents were far from the previous infected area in northern italy, thereby confirming the ability of wnv to spread to new areas and affect new host populations.201021120802
mosquito species involved in the circulation of west nile and usutu viruses in italy.usutu (usuv) and west nile (wnv) are mosquito-borne flavivirus emerged in italy in 1996 and 1998, respectively, and reappeared 10 years later. the aim of this work is to review the italian mosquito species found positive for wnv and usuv between 2008 and 2014. moreover, the role of mosquitoes in promoting the overwintering of these viruses is discussed, as a result of the mosquito collections performed in molise region between september 2010 and april 2011. overall 99,000 mosquitoes were collect ...201728675249
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