prevalence of igg antibodies against west nile virus in blood donors during the 2003 outbreak in tunisia.this study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of anti-west nile virus (wnv) igg among two populations of tunisian blood donors living in areas where human outbreaks of wnv have occurred. cohorts a (monastir) and b (mahdia) included 742 and 102 blood donors respectively. sera were tested by igg elisa test and results were confirmed by prnt test. wnv neutralizing antibodies were detected in 32 (4.3%) and in 14 (13.7%) sera in cohorts a and b respectively. the prevalence of anti-wnv igg was significa ...201020356614
an outbreak of west nile virus infection in the region of monastir, tunisia, 2003.a west nile (wn) fever epidemic occurred in the region of monastir, tunisia, between august and october 2003.024766339
mapping the serological prevalence rate of west nile fever in equids, tunisia.west nile fever (wnf) is a viral disease of wild birds transmitted by mosquitoes. humans and equids can also be affected and suffer from meningoencephalitis. in tunisia, two outbreaks of wnf occurred in humans in 1997 and 2003; sporadic cases were reported on several other years. small-scale serological surveys revealed the presence of antibodies against wn virus (wnv) in equid sera. however, clinical cases were never reported in equids, although their population is abundant in tunisia. this stu ...201523906318
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