ten years of dengue drug discovery: progress and combat neglected diseases, the novartis institute of tropical diseases (nitd) was founded in 2002 through private-public funding from novartis and the singapore economic development board. one of nitd's missions is to develop antivirals for dengue virus (denv), the most prevalent mosquito-borne viral pathogen. neither vaccine nor antiviral is currently available for denv. here we review the progress in dengue drug discovery made at nitd as well as the major discoveries made by academia and ot ...201324076358
encephalitis in the 21 st the 21st century begins, several outbreaks of encephalitis have been reported. an examination of these outbreaks brings into focus important epidemiological developments. specifically, urbanization and encroachment on natural environments, the ease of world travel, and global trade can lead to spread of vectors and viruses from the developing world to the developed world. this review focuses on two recent epidemics of encephalitis: west nile virus encephalitis in the eastern united states and ...200011051296
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